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Pension Death Benefits

July 11, 2016

Following the overhaul of pensions in April 2015, much has been publicised about the new freedoms around accessing your pension and the much improved options about being able to pass your pension benefits on to your loved ones in the event of death, however there has been less publicity about the fa…

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Is it necessary to make a new will following a divorce?

July 8, 2016

Following any major life event you should revisit your will, and divorce is no different.  Although, unlike marriage, divorce does not automatically revoke any previous will you have made in its entirety, when you become divorced your will is effected is quite a substantial manner. 

Any gifts y…

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What is a Living Will?

July 6, 2016

We have recently seen an increased level of enquiries about a Living Will, so this is what you need to know.

A Living Will is an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about what type of medical/health care you would prefer in the event of you losing capacity to make these decisions in…

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Lasting Power of Attorney - Planning for the unexpected

February 11, 2016

Few of us want to consider the possibility that we may be unable to make decisions for ourselves but the reality is that approximately 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia, of these 40,000 are under the age of 65.  With forecasts predicting this will rise to over 1 million by 2025 (Alzh…

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What points do you need to consider when making your will?

January 25, 2016

Clients who are making a will for the very first time often tell us that they had no idea what kind of matters they would need to consider when making their will.  That's completely understandable! Here's a list of a few of the things you will need to have thought about before one of our consultants…

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Getting married? You will need to revisit your will!

January 25, 2016

Many people are not aware that getting married can automatically revoke your existing will, leaving your estate to be distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules (which may not reflect your wishes!). Get in touch on 079100 74611 if you would like to revisit your existing will or would like to…

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Understanding the importance of professional will writing

January 23, 2016

Having a properly drafted and executed will in place is vital to ensure that your money and possessions are distributed in accordance with your wishes after your death. Heritage Estate Planning offers a specialist will writing service availabe in your home or place of business.

Partner, Rachel Ha…

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Appointing a guardian for your children

January 23, 2016

Appointing a guardian for your children will ensure that, in the event of the death of both yourself and your children’s other parent, your children will be taken care of by someone chosen by you – someone you to trust to love and support your children in your absence.

Appointing a guardian for…

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Joint tenants -v- tenants in common : why does it make a difference?

January 23, 2016

When you purchase a property with somebody, for example, your partner, legally you will either own the property as ‘joint tenants’ or ‘tenants in common’.  When you own the property as joint tenants you both own the whole property.  However, when you own the property as ‘tenants in common’ you will …

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